Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ringwood Manor

 Ringwood Manor is a historic home located in Ringwood NJ.
It was originally the home of Robert Erskine, the man in charge of the Iron Mines in the area and subsequently the first cartographer of George Washington.
The manor then became the summer home of the Cooper-Hewitt family.
The home has great significance because of its Revolutionary war history as well as its history with the great Industrialists of its time, Peter Cooper and Abram Hewitt and their Victorian wealthy lifestyle.
 It was donated to the State of New Jersey by the son of the owners in the mid 1930's.
 The Manor is beautifully kept with lush grounds and it is surrounded by many acres of woods.

 The Grand Entrance flanked by two stone lions.
All the photos are of the outside and the grounds because photography is not allowed inside.
Tours are offered almost daily and they last about an hour. The tours take the visitor through most of the 32 rooms and 13 bathrooms that eventually comprised the house.
There are a lot of features and statues from around the world, as the Hewitts were great travelers.
 On the grounds is also the grave of Robert Erskine, who died at the early age of 45.
He is buried in a cemetery where about 300 other people have been laid to rest, including soldiers from the Revolutionary War.

 Graves of the Hewitt family.

If you are ever in Ringwood, this is a worthwhile place to visit and take a tour. The furnishings of the home are almost all original and that makes for a very interesting journey into history.