Saturday, January 30, 2016

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Parrillada at La Cholita

 Meat in Argentina is plentiful, delicious, and a good value. The animals are grass fed, raised in pastures.  On our recent trip to Buenos Aires we chose to have dinner at La Cholita, a meat haven in the Ricoleta neighborhood of town, where the locals eat.
 At the back of the restaurant, a grill is permanently on. On it are beef innards like kidneys, entrails, there are blood sausages, regular meat sausages, big hunks of tenderloin, hunks of chorizo de bef, rounds of Regiannito cheese.
 The Argentinian wine is delicious and plentiful and again a good value.
 Don't fill up on the bread!
 A platter of gooey grilled cheese.
 The chorizo de bef cut with vegetables and a fried egg on top!
 Delicious cuts of meat.
When you are in Argentina, don't forget to try the Chandon champagne that is produced in the country.
Grills like this one are fired up all over the city and they are called parrilladas, barbecues. Our family had a great meal, lots of wine and local beer at a fun, local hangout. One can't ask for more!
And don't forget to tango!