Saturday, September 24, 2016

Galaxidi, Greece

Galaxidi is a small port city on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf. 
It has a very picturesque double harbor, one of the narrowest harbor I've seen. Across the way is a pine forest planted by the local schoolchildren at least fifty years ago.
 Beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters are inviting and serene.

The preserved traditional city center consists of small winding roads connecting the homes.
It's fun to get lost among the narrow streets and find yourself at picturesque view points. I have found the local people to be friendly and hospitable. We were treated to a round of drinks by a local gentleman, because he felt badly after he warned us we were driving the wrong way up a local road.
The city flourished as a maritime center in the 19th century. In recent years they are mostly involved in tourism, turning the traditional wealthy captains homes into small lodgings.
 The views of the gulf are expansive and breathtaking.
 Yachts and fishing boats docked on the quay.
Restaurants and cafes line the harbor and it's worth a stroll along the path. If you are in Greece, take a side trip off the beaten path and spend a day or two at Galaxidi.