Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Venice III - City of Water

The symbol of the Gondola is the above metal piece fitted to the prow of the boat.The iron prow-head of the gondola, called "fero da prorĂ " or "dol fin", is needed to balance the weight of the gondolier at the stern and has an "S" shape symbolic of the twists in the Canal Grande. The top metal piece symbolizes the hat of the Doge.

Venetian canals are filled with gondola riding tourists. The gondolas are resplendent boats, built in Venice, used mainly for the tourist trade. Peggy Guggenheim was the last Venetian to keep a gondola and gondolier on the Grand Canal.
Canals criss-cross the city and most of the goods are transported by boat. Today, Venetians keep more efficient, motorized boats at their docks.
This is the last place where gondolas are crafted. It is a long process that can take up to a year. They cost about $20,000 and there is a long wait to buy one.

 The Bridge of Sighs
 Even construction materials must be carried by boat.

 Bridges connect the streets and neighborhood. Some of big bridges with names like Rialto or Accademia and others are small hops over narrow canals.

 Gondoliers have to train to be able to navigate the busy waters of Venice.

 Put your feet up and enjoy a gondola ride!

And the gondoliers are not too bad to look at!!!!