Saturday, January 3, 2015

Semeli Winery-Nemea, Greece

This past Fall, I had the great pleasure to visit the Semeli winery in the hills of Nemea in Greece.
Nemea is a famous wine region of Greece and also the place where, according to Greek mythology, Hercules slayed the famous lion of Nemea and thereafter wore its pelt.
The views of the surrounding mountains, alone, is worth the drive up to the hilltop newly built, contemporary winery. In addition, they have several suites for visitors to spend the night, and will serve lunch or dinner if you call ahead.
 The remains of squeezed grapes are returned to the fields as natural fertilizer. This process is called biodynamic in gardening.
 Follow the signs
 to the rose filled entrance

Our tour started at the top, as the wine is transported through the wine-making process by gravity.
 Initially, the grape juice goes into these giant vats

 Fermentation happens in there and then the newly made wine is transferred to barrels or is bottled.
 Our able guide, Semeli oenologist Margarita Singiridou, who gave us one of the best winery tours!
 Then we went to the cellar where wine is stored in barrels.

 If you're ever wondering what to do with all those empty wine bottles, why not make a chandelier!
 We tasted five wines and it was a truly unique experience
Stelios and I bought half a case of the red to enjoy when we are in Greece again.
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