Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Museum, Washington DC.

Juliana Petrescu, my protagonist in my novel Archangel, visits the Dumbarton Oaks Museum in Washington DC to conduct research on Byzantine mosaics.
And coming in August 2015, the gift shop of the Museum will be featuring Archangel as one of their offerings! I am ecstatic!

Since the Museum was closed when I was writing the book, I had not been able to visit it. But that's the beauty of fiction! I just made it up!
This past week, however, during my trip to DC to present Archangel at the PSEKA Conference I had the opportunity to visit the now open Museum.

It's a gem of a place, originally started by the Blisses who amassed a great Byzantine art collection as well as PreColumbian art.

El Greco

It's the perfect art venue for me because it's not too large so the visitor can take everything in without feeling overwhelmed.

If the path takes you to Washington DC take a walk over to the Dumbarton Oaks Museum. Peruse the tasteful exhibits and stop by the gift shop. They are interested in selling Archangel! It's such a treat to me!