Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Erskine Lakes Women's Club Christmas Cookie Exchange at the Lake

Erskine Lakes Women's Club Cookie Exchange
Every year the Erskine Lakes Women's Club organizes a fun(and delicious) event called a cookie exchange. Every participant brings 4 dozen cookies, one dozen to share that evening with all the other ELWC members, and the other three dozen to swap in the cookie exchange. 
Tables are set and as the women arrive they are arrayed with trays and trays of colorful home made cookies.

Good Cheer

 Good friends and neighbors
This year there was an ugly sweater contest. I had to borrow a sweater (because you know I do not own an ugly sweater!!!) for the occasion. Thank God I did not win, but the person who won (no names) was a great sport and I believe she won a prize.
 Cookies to share

 Female camaraderie!
 We had to take another picture because we were missing Jenn who now joined us in the front row.
 This was the box I took home! Yum!
This was what I brought to the party!

You arrive with a homogeneous(good word huh!) platter and you leave with a colorful, jewel-like assortment. Ah, if only I could bring you the smells: butter, vanilla, sugar, anisette, and that king of aromas, chocolate.

So, no two cookies were alike, except...I thought my Italian Ricotta cookies would be the only ones of their kind at the exchange, right? Well, I look around the table, and what do I see? Another Italian Ricotta cookie platter! But, wait, there's more to the story. The baker of those cookies asked me what flavor I had used. Orange, I said. Well girls, hers was anisette. And boy were they as good! So, in the end no two cookies were alike!!

Italian Ricotta cookie recipe to follow in another post. Stay tuned...