Thursday, December 26, 2013

Titan Foods, Astoria, The Greek Store

When I go to Astoria to visit my parents, I never fail to stop by Titan, the Greek Food Superstore. There's everything a Greek heart(stomach) desires and more. It's a one-stop-shop for your cheeses, olives, olive oils, phyllo, pita breads, beans, stuffed vine leaves, oregano and thyme and much more. They also have the prepared spinach pies and cheese pies (the best!)that you can pick up with a cup of coffee for a quick but substantial snack. The pastries cannot be beat for taste and freshness. Recently they've added a hot foods station and I hear they have an excellent new chef, recently arrived from Greece. And did I mention the tsoureki, a Greek sweet bread like Challah bread? I buy it for French toast the next morning(if it lasts until then). If I sound like a fan club it's because I love this place and am really grateful they are around so we can get our Greek fix.
Holiday pastries and cookies ready for Christmas 
Of course there's a whole counter for Feta! There's the Arahova feta, the Eipiros feta, the goat feta... you get the picture!

Mountains of olive oil!
Did somebody say cheese? 
The Greek flag next to the American flag
Giant Beans 
How many kinds of olive oil does a Greek need? 
Tahini with honey, whole grain tahini, plain tahini 
And did I mention olive oil?! 
Grains and legumes 
And the pastries
Trays and trays 
Don't forget your box of cookies! 

So glad to take it all home!