Monday, April 14, 2014

Kindle Version of Archangel "FREE" with the purchase of a paperback.

You have been asking for the Kindle edition of Archangel, and here it is!

I'm offering my loyal viewers a great promotional offer for a FREE Kindle copy of Archangel with the purchase of the paperback edition!

That's such a great deal! I always love having the paperback book to hold, to admire the cover, the colors and interior photos. It's also great for having it around for easy reference, reaching on my bookshelf to lend it to a friend. But... I also enjoy the convenience of the Kindle ebook. I can carry dozens(even hundreds) of books on the small device, I can read it anywhere, I don't have to turn pages, hold the book in the crease to keep it open, it doesn't get grungy.

This limited time promotion let's you have your cake and eat it too!

Buy the paperback and also get the Kindle edition for free! 

This is also good for those of you wonderful folks who've already bought the paperback on Amazon. Go to Amazon(link below) and place the Kindle in your shopping cart. The price to purchase, if you bought the paperback on Amazon, should be zero.

Please remember to write a review of Archangel on Amazon's review section. That would mean so much to me! It can be in any language you are comfortable with. I know I have an international audience and I look forward to comments from all over the world.

I'm really interested to hear from you, my readers, how you've experienced the story, the writing, the quality of the book, everything! Your feedback is such a great sounding board for me.