Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mylopotamos- the Kytherian castle on the cliff

Mylopotamos is a village in Kythera with a lot of history and natural beauty. We visited the Castle of Mylopotamos, a Venetian castle built on the edge of a cliff, where, inside it's walls, the local people could be protected. 
The entrance to the fortress. Notice the Lion of Venice at the top of the apse.

The vivid remains of houses of worship and homes with traditional architecture haunt the visitor.
Today, homes are renovated keeping the traditional style and incorporating the ancient walls.

If you continue outside of Mylopotamos, there is a sign pointing to Limnionas, a hard to access beach that rewards the traveler for the precipitous drive.

Greek islands are filled with history, lore and natural beauty. One can explore for years and still discover new destinations.