Saturday, March 14, 2015

Glenmere Mansion - Chester, New York

Glenmere Mansion is an opulent, turn-of-the-century, country estate built by the industrialist Robert Goelet. It sits on top of a hill overlooking Glenmere lake in the lower Hudson Valley.
Today, the mansion is a small luxury hotel with a spa and four restaurants, surrounded by the restored formal gardens of the original estate.
On a snowy winter's day my friends and I shared a delicious lunch at the Frog's End Tavern. First, we sampled this cauliflower flatbread to accompany our drinks.

 Scallops with black lentils and broccoli.
 Seared Salmon
Pastrami sandwich

The awesome hamburger!
The Frog's End Tavern is a warm, cozy room with beautiful furnishings and a nice marbletop bar.

The surroundings are beautiful and worth a visit, but I would also definitely go back for the delicious food!