Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cookies-Belated Women's Club Christmas Cookie exchange

Every year, before Christmas, my women's club does a cookie exchange. As a New Yorker, I had never known of such a thing, nor had I ever belonged to a women's club.  Until I moved to the country.
Remember the "Women's Club Progressive Dinner on the Lake" post? Well, those same ladies who you might have thought (rightfully or not)that  all they could do was drink and glide, can do some serious baking.
This was the "To Share" table.

It's a lovely custom, where the participants bake at least four dozen cookies of their chosen kind. On the day of the exchange, you bring one dozen to share(like that?) and three dozen to swap.

Don't ask me what they are. I'm too woozy from all that sugar!
These were my sugarplums. I make these every year and I'll be sharing that recipe with you soon. It's a great recipe, especially for people who avoid gluten, it's a no bake nut and fruit confection.

 Some of the tasting taking place

 Notice the big tin on the table? That gets filled before the night is through.
This was my box that I got to take home! We enjoyed every one of these cookies! I may even have a few left in the freezer(cookies freeze well). Thank you to all my friends for baking and sharing! And a big thank you to my friend Jean from taking the photos for me.
I look forward to next year.
For now, I'm trying to loose the pounds!