Friday, January 3, 2014

Metropolitan Museum Member's Dining Room

A visit to the Metropolitan Museum becomes even more special with a lunch at the Member's Dining Room. The annual museum membership comes with the privilege of dining there. What makes it really cool is it's great big windows open to Central Park directly across Kleopatra's Needle, it's amazing flower arrangements, and the surprisingly excellent food.
One of the best times to come is during the holidays. The Christmas tree in the great hall of the Medieval Collection is a true masterpiece. The tree is at least two stories high, if not three, the angels are practically the size of newborns and the nativity scene built around the tree is a wonder that I'm still enjoying after all these years of coming here.

Kleopatra's Needle 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located on 82nd street and Fifth Avenue in New York City. Not a block known for it's restaurant options. Yes, you can dine at the food trucks parked outside on the broad sidewalk but really, on your day in New York City, is that what you want? A hot dog or a souvlaki on a stick while standing out in the cold is not my idea of a festive lunch, if you know what I mean! 

An excellent hamburger with thick cut fries!

Arctic Char with veggies and a mustard sauce! 

Mushroom omelet with spring salad 

What was left of the bread
Chocolate lava cake
Peach crumble

Going with my sister, her husband and my godson and, of course, my hubby were the best part!

We met a couple who bought the museum membership, when planning their trip to New York from Ireland to visit their daughter, just so they could dine at the Member's Dining room! If you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, you may want to get the membership or makes friends with someone who already does!