Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gotham Bar & Grill-NYC

Last night Stelios and I headed into the city for dinner and a show. We had tickets for La Soiree, an off Broadway cabaret, circus show.

It was one of the coldest nights in New York City with lots of holiday traffic. The energy of the city was intoxicating with all the lights and people whizzing by.
Dinner was at the famed Gotham Bar & Grill in Union Square. The restaurant has been around for years but we never had occasion to dine there until last week!

 Three kinds of bread!
 Two glasses of Albarino, a lovely Spanish white.
 The best shrimp cocktail I've had in a long time! But the aioli that accompanied them I could have eaten by the spoonful(and I did)it was sooo good.

Pan fried Fish in tamarind sauce- an excellent choice!

Didn't have time for dessert but they gave us a basket of financiers-yum! The financiers were small French cakes, not people who make their living from investments, typically involving large sums of money! They were light and moist, similar to sponge cake, and had an almond flavor.
A festive, lovely dining experience with wonderful service, ambiance, food and wine.