Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Metropolitan Museum of Art-Egyptian Wing

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the best museum in  the world! There, I've said it! Some people may dispute this but I stand by my statement.

I've been going to the museum ever since I was a teenager in New York City. Easily accessibly, imposing and chock-full of art of all persuasions! This is where I was introduced to Medieval art, African art, jewelry as art, tapestries, photography, modern art, fashion design art, all the categories that I would never had considered to be art. Of course it goes without saying(but I'm still saying it!) that the cavernous halls are also exhibiting more traditional forms like paintings and sculpture.
The first time I discovered the Temple of Dendur, surrounded by a water filled moat, I just wanted to stay there forever. I thought I was in a magical place and if I walked out I could never get back there again.
The Temple of Dendur

Often I would get lost down the endless corridors and end up in an unexpected room of wonder. I remember, once, I discovered somewhere in the bowels of the building, rooms and rooms full of silver. Gleaming silver bowels, silver cups, silver soup tureens, candlesticks, statues, plates, it was overwhelming! I was alone and I must have been there for hours. I finally made my way back to the Great Hall and have never been able to find those rooms ever again. Sometimes I wonder if it was just a dream!

Today we're going to the Egyptian wing to visit some of the mummies. Egyptians had such a fascination with death and the afterlife that they created an entire industry of death objects. What they left behind for us to discover is beautiful and sad. Yet, I focus on the beauty.