Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Akrocorinth - Greece

I was recently reading Lord Byron's "The Siege of Corinth," and I remembered that I had visited the walled city built at the top of a mountain in the Peloponnese just this past September for the first time.
Akrocorinth blends in with the surrounding landscape

It was a rare overcast day

View of the city of Corinth and the Corinthian bay

I always imagine the people who may have lived in these ancient cities.

I see them riding up on horseback, I hear the clicking of the horseshoes on the cobblestones, I see the guard waving them through the gate. 

Views of the surrounding countryside

The Walls

It's a long walk up to the fort, see the parking lot below.

The highway runs past the ancient ruins that rise majestically as a crown over the mountain. We always meant to detour for a visit but we were always in a hurry. Last September on our way to Saronida from Poulithra (see my Poulithra post)we made a point of stopping at the famed location.

History tells us that AcroCorinth was a city with many lives through the centuries. The one Lord Byron writes of is the Siege of Corinth in 1715, when the Ottomans slaughtered the Venetian garrison during the Ottoman-Venetian war.

History is palpable here and the visitor can see why this was such an important fort. There are 360 degree views of the surrounding area.