Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Boulud Sud-New York City Restaurant Week

New York City Restaurant Week is a tradition begun after 9/11 when the New York City Restaurant business suffered greatly and they were trying to entice customers to visit the restaurants.
There are two times during the year when they have these Restaurant Weeks and  I've been lucky to have gone both in Summer and Winter.
This time I went to a restaurant called Boulud Sud on 20W 64th Street. Daniel Boulud is a celebrated French chef with a signature restaurant "Daniel" in Manhattan. In recent years he has added less formal venues like Café Boulud, Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud.  I have eaten at Daniel (marvelous but very expensive), at Café Boulud (good but not great) and this February I got to have lunch at Boulud Sud.

It was a fantastic experience in an airy space, the kitchen open to the dining room, ceramic tagines decorating the counters and a nice bar at the entrance.
Greek Wine from the Island of Santorini

 Cauliflower Soup
 Shrimp with Garlic
 Cod with Vegetables
 Lamburger with Tzatziki and chickpea Fries
But the food is the star. Inspired by Southern European flavors and ingredients, Boulud has created a menu that  pops. From the wonderful wine list, to the great bread basket accompanied by olive oil, to the appetizers, mains and desserts it was a memorable trip to Southern Europe in the middle of a harsh New York winter.

 Chocolate Cake
 Orange Flan

 On the George Washington Bridge on the way back to New Jersey