Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lupa Osteria-Mario Batali-New York

Lupa Osteria, one of Mario Battali's New York City restaurants was on the recent restaurant week list. It was a great opportunity to try the famed eatery. Mario Battali has a weekly column in the New York Times about what he's drinking. This ruby cocktail was our choice at lunch the other day. It was a signature Negroni with blood orange juice.

 A delicious appetizer of olive oil cured tuna and bean salad.
My friends and I had a wonderful lunch. Lupa's staff was professional and the manager really gave us attention and took care of us.

 The trout main course
 The pork loin main course
 Chocolate Tartuffo was my choice of dessert and I wasn't disappointed.
 A pot of tea

 The communal Table at Lupa
The bar
Until next year, dear friends when we again choose one of the wonderful New York City restaurants as an excuse to get together around a table and share a meal.