Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Porterhouse steak with grilled vegetables

Sometimes nothing will do but a big juicy steak. Yes, most of you know by now that I mostly seek vegetarian dishes, and Stelios and I are happy to have meatless Mondays, Tuesday, get the picture!

When that yearning hits, though, nothing, but nothing else will do but a grilled hunk of prime beef!

That was the case a couple of days ago when I came home from the store with a huge porterhouse steak.  The porterhouse is the steak with a T-bone in the middle and on one side has the filet and the other side  the New York Strip steak. It's essentially a T-bone and I read somewhere that it's called the King of T-Bones! And, boy, is it!

Meat and potatoes is great but, meat, potatoes and grilled vegetables is even better!

So it was, that we grilled that baby to a perfect medium rare. But before we did that I cut up some red peppers, sprinkled salt and pepper and slathered them in olive oil and put those on the grill first. I like them to get nice and charred so they are sweet and smoky.

Then I quartered some roasting potatoes and put them on wooden skewers. I salted and peppered them as well and I doused them with olive oil. Those went on the grill next. Be careful with the olive oil because if it's dripping too much you might get a grill fire. 

Finally, I salt and peppered asparagus and rolled them in olive oil and put them on the grill.

We removed the vegetables to a platter and then we were ready for the steak to go on the grill. I believe that if you have a really good piece of meat you should never add anything to it except a little bit of sea salt and some freshly ground pepper.

That night, Stelios and I feasted on this simple, yet delicious dinner. We added a glass of red wine and a side salad.

And I raise a glass to you, dear readers!